International health insurance: what if it was easy?

官方168澳洲幸运十开奖记录查询_官网开奖历史_结果计划号码 International health insurance: what if it was easy?

  • The most flexible solutions adapted to your situation

  • All your digital services available on the #1 app on the market

  • 24/7 worldwide expert support for your medical journey

Insurance for everyone, 100% online: expatriates, students, frequent travellers, au pairs and companies - we offer insurance to anyone who travels abroad! From registration to reimbursement, we make it easy for you to take care of your health needs anywhere in the world!

APRIL at your side worldwide for over 40 years

  • 180+ countries covered
  • 150,000+ policyholders
  • 2+ million partner healthcare professionals
  • 300+ committed employees

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Get insurance quickly

The health cover you need is just a click away: choose the international insurance that suits you, with the coverage you need. It's quick, and you can join online.

100% mobile with the Easy Claim app

All your services in one app―take care of your health wherever you are. Request a reimbursement, download your insurance certificate, talk to your adviser, etc.

Reimbursements in a few clicks

Take a picture of your medical bills and submit them via your Easy Claim app. Your reimbursement will be sent to you within a few days.

Count on us 24/7

Our teams are based all over the world, so you can count on our unfailing support. And if you have any questions, our multilingual advisers are always on call.

Talk to a doctor quickly, wherever you are

Free and unlimited telehealth included: consult a doctor remotely 24/7 anywhere in the world, in the language of your choice. It's free through your Easy Claim app.

Hospitalisation without financial stress

For planned or emergency hospitalisations, don't worry about the costs with our hospitalisation coverage service. We take care of everything, from the agreement to the bill, so that you can focus on your health. Additionally, we can assist you in choosing a quality hospital with the help of our local medical teams' expertise.

All about international health insurance

Why should I take out international health insurance?

Are you planning to settle internationally, stay overseas for a while, or study abroad? Then, it is all-important to take out international health insurance. The fact is, you are no longer covered by Social Security or the local equivalent in your country of origin once you’re abroad. In many countries, the costs of healthcare are very high. To give you an idea, in Singapore, for example, the care involved in a case of appendicitis can cost 10,000 SGD (about €7,200), or the equivalent of €185 in Brazil for a consultation with a specialist. Thus, it’s important to take out international health insurance.

How do I sign up online?

You can take out your insurance cover in just a few clicks, 100% online, by choosing your options at the top of this page! Request a quote and simply submit the following documents: 

- Any medical information you deem useful
- An RIB (statement of banking identity) for your reimbursements 
- A RIB for your direct payments
- Your credit card 

To choose the right health cover for you, you can talk to our online advisers at any time via the chat at the bottom of the page. 

Can I change the start date of my cover?

Yes, you can postpone or change the start date of your cover before your contract takes effect.

How do I obtain a certificate of insurance?

As soon as your contract is validated (signature and payment), you can download your insurance certificate in several languages directly from your Easy Claim app.

What our customers say
4.5 / 5
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