Business health insurance solutions tailored to your organisation

Business health insurance solutions tailored to your organisation

  • Global expertise, local solutions

  • Round-the-clock support for your employees

  • One of the largest networks of medical providers

APRIL International has extensive expertise in providing comprehensive international health insurance plans to companies of all sizes, to protect their staff wherever they are in the world.

We’ve been working side by side with companies for over 30 years

  • 180+ countries covered
  • Single point of contact for clear and easy management of your account
  • Local teams and expertise with multilingual capacities
  • A fully digital experience for your employees (including unlimited telehealth access)
  • A network of 2 million medical providers

Tailored insurance solutions for organisations of all sizes


Insurance can sometimes be complex – we work hand in hand with small companies to help them find the right insurance solution for their employees.

SMEs also need the flexibility to choose from several options, and the protection of being part of a larger pool of insured companies.

Our insurance plans are among the most flexible on the market. You can pick and choose the health benefits and levels of coverage to suit your needs and budget. We also offer several cost-sharing options to make your insurance premium even more affordable. As opposed to experience-rated plans, these solutions are rated based on large pools of customers, ensuring less volatility for your premiums.

Large corporations

With complete flexibility on plan benefits and structure, we can offer your company a completely purpose-built corporate health insurance solution. You may choose to cover your employees across different global offices or to create several tiers of coverage for different employee categories. All these plans are experience rated.

Short-term business assignments

For employers and self-employed workers, we’ve designed a multi-risk professional solution to meet your needs. Our flexible and 100% digital offer will accompany you anywhere in the world.

Schools & Universities

APRIL has been covering schools and universities of all sizes all over the world since 2010. We offer personalised health insurance solutions to international students, teachers and staff for their adventures abroad. APRIL offers solutions that meet international obligations, and we are considered a leading provider on Erasmus programs. Our overseas cover is flexible, and allows policy holders to be covered abroad for a few months to several years.

NGOs and IOs

Our comprehensive international health insurance solutions will help you protect and support your staff working abroad, and their families. Based on our experience, we understand your specific operating requirements and needs. With dedicated solutions, a global network, and adaptive and flexible reporting, we make sure that you have access to effective protection.

Why choose APRIL International business insurance plans?

We offer a tailored range of insurance plans

We support all types of businesses throughout the world—no matter the size of your company, the location(s) of your employees, your industry, or the length of coverage you are looking for. We offer personalised insurance solutions to meet the needs and budget of your business and its employees.

We possess an in-depth knowledge of local markets

We have an extensive knowledge of local insurance regulations and healthcare systems, allowing us to craft insurance solutions that are adapted to local markets.

We provide the highest level of service to companies

Your employees will be looked after with the highest level of care. They will get access to our medical experts and worldwide service capacities to ensure seamless service, dedicated case management, and sustainable premiums.

We are always close to you

We have business and assistance offices spanning the globe, with strong regional presences in Europe and Asia to ensure we can offer services in most time zones or regions.

Our locations include France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Our dedicated teams are here to help you implement and administer your group health insurance plan, working closely with your management and human resources team from start to finish. We also have dedicated multilingual assistance platforms available 24/7.

We give your employees access to the best care possible

Whether it is through our extensive network of medical providers worldwide, our in-house medical experts, or our dedicated healthcare solutions, we make it our mission to facilitate access to healthcare for your employees, wherever they are in the world.