EasyPay Card: a simplified payment solution

EasyPay Card: a simplified payment solution

The EasyPay Card1 is a new, innovative direct billing payment solution: it enables you to pay for your medical expenses, wherever you might be, without incurring any personal expenses.

EasyPay Card: a simplified payment solution

An innovative solution unique in the market

With the EasyPay Card, APRIL International is simplifying the process of accessing healthcare, which can be both complex and costly depending on the country of destination, by providing you with a digital payment card.

This card can be used for all types of medical procedures covered by your policy:

  • Medical imaging: MRI, ultrasound, X-rays, etc.

  • Prosthetics: dental, hearing and medical.

  • Hospitalisation: In certain cases, APRIL can provide you with an EasyPay Card instead of a Letter of Guarantee.

  • Optics: frames, lenses, contact lenses.

The EasyPay Card works anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

  1. I contact APRIL and explain my situation. APRIL issues a payment card instantly by email

  2. I upload my card to my wallet

  3. I consult my doctor or have a check-up

  4. I pay directly with my EasyPay Card

Prior to receiving medical treatment, you need to contact APRIL International to get the card Instantly loaded with the amount needed to carry out the treatment. You can then receive the required treatment, pay with the card and send the receipt to APRIL International.

And in an emergency? If there is no direct billing payment arrangement with the hospital, APRIL International will credit you a card as soon as it receives the estimated cost of treatment.

Sending supporting documents

You are obliged to send the proof(s) (invoice, prescription or other supporting document giving details of the medical service) within 24 hours of using your card.

> Important: as with all your claims, please remember to ask your healthcare provider for a detailed invoice. A bank card receipt is not proof of payment.

The card is pre-configured to be accepted by certain types of healthcare providers. If the payment is rejected, use your own bank card and make a request for reimbursement via your Easy Claim application, then contact APRIL via the dedicated e-mail address: easypaycard@april.com

A simplified customer experience